Kovie is an unregulated broker that has so many negative reviews. People have reported losing money, not receiving their deposits, and more. This is a risky choice for anyone looking to invest in digital currencies.

Kovie i is an offshore broker that we think is best avoided. That is because there are hundreds of companies like it out there and all of them have similar issues – they have to do with the companies’ regulation, their lack of legal documentation or extremely malicious provisions in their Terms and Conditions, and terrible trading conditions. Monafoli is not an exception of any kind, as it has all of these problems.

Is  Kovie a legitimate Forex broker? Absolutely not – the company does not hold a license for its activities.

 They are unregulated broker and chances are pretty good it is a scam. Scammers like Kovie will promise you quick and easy profits in order to trick you into depositing as much money as you can. You might even make some money at first. The problem comes when you want to withdraw them. Another common practice among offshore brokers is to offer “attractive” deposit or trading bonuses. Such promotions are prohibited in regulated jurisdictions and this is not without a reason. Attractive as they might seem at first glance.

When someone experiences a forex broker scam, they may feel like they have no choice but to file a case with the authorities, you can report your scam case and get a Digital Bypass Expert on your side.

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